Under the Western Union Franchise , we are able to provide the following services:


This is a consumer - to - Consumer money transfer service between two individuals. It may be a domestic service where both individuals are resident in Zambia or it may be an international cross-border service. Transaction fee rates for domestic are different from those for international. See transaction fee rate page.


This is a Consumer - to - Corporate money transfer service. Money is sent from Zambia to a foreign –based organisation which is pre-registered with Western Union Financial Services International.


This is a Corporate - to - Consumer money transfer service. This service is yet to be introduced in Zambia.

A Western Union money transfer service can be delivered within minutes regardless of distance between sender and receiver subject to operating hours of local western union Agents.

Meeting Your Money Transfer Needs

Cactus Financial Services strives not to be a success but to be of value. We ask our customers to be part of our service solution and do not view them as part of the problem. We believe that customers may forget what we say to them but never forget how we make them feel through our superior service offering. One of our unrelenting values is to give real service by adding something which cannot be bought or measured with money, which is sincerity and integrity.

In the words of Derek Sivers, Founder CD Baby "Customer service is the new marketing."

About CFS

Cactus Financial Services was incorporated on 9th November,2007 to provide money transfer services under the Western Union Franchise.

Its certificate of designation from Bank of Zambia was issued on 14th November 2008.


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