Western Union Franchise


Cactus Financial Services signed an International Representation Agreement with Western Union Network (France) SAS on 10th March, 2009. It started money transfer services on 9th April, 2009. With a 160-year history of connecting people when it matters most, Western Union continues to shape the world in which we live.

Western Union offers one of the easiest ways for families and friends to send money and stay connected almost anywhere in the world. Western Union and its agents speak the consumers' languages and live in consumers' neighborhoods. And share consumers' cultures. Western Union and its agents are a significant part of each other's lives.

As a result, Cactus Financial Services and its employees are more like Western Union ambassadors. They are ambassadors of trust. Ambassadors of responsibility. And ambassadors of hope. They are the living, breathing manifestation of who Western Union is and everything it stands for:

Integrity. Partnership. Opportunity. Passion. Teamwork.

About CFS

Cactus Financial Services was incorporated on 9th November,2007 to provide money transfer services under the Western Union Franchise.

Its certificate of designation from Bank of Zambia was issued on 14th November 2008.


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